Rose quartz crystal candle. Handpoured soy wax.
Rose quartz crystal candle.
Rose quartz crystal and botanical candle.

Rose Quartz Crystal & Botanical Candle

Enjoy the beauty of both candles and crystals with our handcrafted crystal candle collection! This pretty candle features our signature soy wax candle with the added benefit of a shimmering rose quartz crystal and lavender/rose petal botanicals. The rose gold tin only adds to the overall effect, making it a true treat for the senses. Rose quartz is known as the stone of universal love, and is strongly associated with the heart chakra. Calming and reassuring, it's one of the most popular crystals.

  • Paraben free with natural cotton wicks.
  • Choose your scent from the dropdown box.
  • Vegan friendly.
  • 250 ml rose gold tin.
  • Burn time: 40-50 hrs.
  • After burning, just wash the remaining crystal with warm soapy water to keep and enjoy!

Our scented soy wax candles are made of the highest quality eco friendly soy wax, and are created using only the finest fragrance and essential oils.


Tranquil Waters - Reminds you of a warm ocean breeze with a touch of exotic coconut. Accented with the relaxing combination of freesia & jasmine, with just a shade of sandalwood. It's a truly soothing blend.

Midnight Garden - A relaxing combination of moonlight flowering lilies and ylang and jasmine, balanced with uplifting notes of peach and musk. 

Hygge - The Hygge scent emodies the meaning of that word - cosiness and comfort! An enticing, cosy fragrance of sweet apple, cinammon spice, and baked treats.

Relaxing Lavender - Soothing, relaxing lavender. A go-to choice for promoting calm and relaxation.

Lime Basil & Mandarin - Uplifting notes of of fresh basil and aromatic white thyme which brings an unexpected twist to the scent of limes and mandarin oranges on a Caribbean breeze.